A Great Week Indeed

This was such a great week indeed!  Saturday started out with a very long walk around a local park…(4 miles) and then a trip to the Aviation club in town that was giving free airplane rides to people 17 and under!  Yay!!! Then off to my hubby’s company picnic at a local ranch!  Needless to say, by the end of the day we were tired…..


The boys getting ready for their plane ride! 



My Hubby and I at the picnic!  

Sunday was an amazingly relaxing day of my morning walk, grocery shopping and hanging out with the family!   Yay!!!  

The Free “Color Therapy” Class on Monday was so amazing!!! So many of you attended and we had lots of Q&A at the end of class!   Wednesday I held two other free classes; “What’s Up Wednesday” Spiritual Empowerment Group Coaching Call and Working with the Arch Angels – a Pagan Perspective. WOW!!!! What powerful and dynamic classes.  

Here is a link to the Free “What’s Up Wednesday” class!  The topic, Body Image, Manifesting and Ego. Click here!  

Thursday I made a video about “What’s in a name” as I feel that my Spirituality encompasses and expands beyond the term “Pagan”.  Click here to watch.  I feel that my life and what I do really exudes my Spirituality.  (if that makes sense…)  June’s Giveaway video is up if you want to see just a small portion of what I am giving away… I have added many books and more herbs since I made the video! : ) Yay!!!  Watch Now!  

I am also preparing for the June 19th launch of The Inner Circle!!! Yay!!!  The Inner Circle is a Forum/place/Sacred Sanctuary for people to talk about their lives, successes, struggles, victories and everything in-between!!! Yay!!! 

I want to congratulate all of the winners from this past week who have won the drawings for the 19 Days of Fun and Prizes as we get ready for the launch of The Inner Circle Spiritual Empowerment Forum.  Keep your eyes open for more emails announcing each day’s winner and a few sneak peaks into the forum!  Remember…Tuesday is the Launch of the Inner Circle!!! Check your inboxes at 10am Central time… that is when the Virtual Doors will be open!   

Here is a list of winners so far:

Day 1 – Alicia Shimabuku
Day 2 – Shannon Ritchie
Day 3 – Bonnie Pankow
Day 4 – Cynthia Bishop
Day 5 – David Garrido Masmitja
Day 6 – Dee Dee Flores
Day 7 – Lisa Quigley
Day 8 – John Wheeler
Day 9 – Holly Reid
Day 10 – Randy Waterbury
Day 11 – Jacque Kay
Day 12 – JorJa Bennett
Day 13 – Dawn Larzelier
Day 14 – Jessica Neal
Day 15 – Alan Friedman

If you are one of the winner and have not contacted me to claim your prize please email me at Flora@MFloraPeterson.com

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11 Responses to “A Great Week Indeed”
  1. Nome says:

    I love how spiritual you are, and thank you for the free classes!

  2. Diane D says:

    Interesting topics. As a pagan, I don’t feel so drawn to archangels… In my mind I always link them to christianity or judaism specifically, and other types of imagery work better for me. But I totally believe in colour therapy! Thanks for giving us a variety of tools, so that each one of us can pick what works for ourselves!

  3. Shannon Moody says:

    wow!! so much fun!! Thank you for always being so generous!! Many of us cant afford classes, books, and such. Its awesome that you always give so much back to your “peeps” Yay!

  4. Cortney says:

    I feel pretty bummed that I missed out on the free class; I’ve never taken part in one of yours yet. Hopefully someday I can change that!

  5. Alycia Luster says:

    I’m going to listen to the free “WUW” call later tonight!! yay!!

  6. Cindy Esparza says:

    I attended 2 of the classes…I was so looking forward to them and made sure I had it on my calendar to call in! They were amazing!

  7. Susanne N says:

    Ive been wondering, how do one attend these tele-classes?
    do you call from your regular phone or can you use skype?

  8. Matty says:

    I too feel bad about missing out the free class.. I bet it was super awesome and pack full of yays!

  9. Those were some great free classes that you provided to us…thank you for that, you are way too good to us! :)

  10. CindiLou says:

    I LOVE HIS SHIRT! That is a great picture of you two.

  11. Venus Brown says:

    Free airplane rides?! Lucky ducks! lol

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