The F* Bomb ~ Free Tele-Class

I am sure most of you are thinking…The F* Bomb… the four letter word.. I am actually talking about Forgiveness.  True, radical, and unconditional Forgiveness.  How many times have you been hurt by someone?  How many times has someone done something just to spite you?  Think about the anger, resentment, hostility and time wasted that holding on to non-forgiveness has caused. 

Today I held my weekly What’s Up Wednesday call and the topic was The F* Bomb!  This call was SO Powerful, I just had to share it with you! 


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12 Responses to “The F* Bomb ~ Free Tele-Class”
  1. Shannon Moody says:

    This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do! My ex husband put me thru helland for years I would go anywhere near him. But once I forgave him of everything, and theres was some doosies!! All the stress, the nightmares, the hate, it “poof” vanished. Forgiving can be hard, really hard. But sooo worth it!

  2. Nome says:

    I think forgiving does lift a heavy weight off of your spirit

  3. Matty says:

    I found myself in a recent situation where someone in my life had caused me years of grief, hurt and pain. Deep Pain. They were dying and asking to see me days before they died. I went not expecting anything.. and not even sure how I would feel seeing them. When I got there.. all the pain, hurt, and grief they caused me left.. washed away.. and all I felt was pure love for them. I forgave them.. and it was blessing I am grateful for!

  4. Christine Powell says:

    that’s a hard thing for some many to move on from. … what’s the old saying, ” forgiven but never forget”. which really then you are not forgiven as you are still holding on to that hurt. People think that forgiven someone means that you are approving of the action they have taken and that it somehow hurts that other person to know that you harbor this feeling of angry at them. really 9 out of 10 times, that person could care less if we forgive them or not and forgiven does not mean that you approve what they have done., just that you no longer allows your energy to hold on to the negativity around that event. But we are human and that is something it is offen very easy to say but not so much to do. But if we can learn that the event that happen that hurt our so bad are there to teach us a lesson and really are there to aid us in our growth. Plus… a lot of times we take events personal when we have no idea how that person meant that event to happen. Anyone. I’m going on and off topic…. like the blog :)

  5. Diane D says:

    That title sounded a bit… unusual! :D
    But I agree with you, forgiving is so important : and it’s so liberating! Holding grudges eventually does more harm to you than to the person you’re angry at. I’m working on that particular issue at the moment, because it seems hard to let go of things. Sometimes I find it hard to forgive because I’m very independant and don’t want people to run all over me… but I gain more independance when I find the strength to forgive… And it also frees a lot of energy I can spend in more positive things!

  6. Cindy Esparza says:

    Thank you for sharing this class. It is a topic that I need to learn a lot more about to help me move forward in my life.

  7. Alycia Luster says:

    I will work on this, it’s very hard for me to forgive anyone that’s done an injustice to me or through me. It’ll be hard but good to shed all this excess gunk:)

  8. Cortney says:

    Forgiveness is hard, but it’s definitely worth it. Thanks so much for sharing the class; I’m off to listen to it right now.

  9. Susanne N says:

    I listened to that free call and i’m stunned
    to me its amazing that you can forgive something like that, forgiveness is hard enough in less complicated situations
    and i think you are such a divine goddess for forgiving your dad and stepmom <3

    as for me i need to work with forgiveness as well
    i hold a lot of resentment for both my mom and dad, because i feel that on so many points they ruined me
    even though what they did, i wouldnt consider anyway near as bad as your dad kicking you out because of your stepmom

    its just tough for me because i feel like when my parents got divorced not only did i loose my big sister because of my
    mom. My mom then started taking her hatred out on me, and i feel like i also lost my dad for many years because to make up for how my mom treated my sister, my dad chose to focus only on my sister and we didnt speak for years even though i visited him every other weekend, and that just hurts so much
    but i still need my parents, so i have to work out how to forgive them

  10. Acie says:

    I do this over and over again, but it keeps resurfacing.

  11. i WISH that i attended this tele-class…it is something that i definitely needed to hear, because I have found myself trying to forgive some people recently, and nothing has really helped unfortunately :-\

  12. CindiLou says:

    Ok this call hurt my toes, lol. But I needed to hear it….

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